Damn, but I am enjoying myself in grad school. Well, most of the time anyways, like when no giant assignments are due the next day, and when I’m not busy feeling inadequate.

So many of my classmates are absurdly smart and ambitious, and many plan to go straight back for a law degree or a second masters’ upon finishing this one. They inspire me with their confidence, enthusiasm and intelligence. I suppose that more school is not outside the realm of possibility for me either, but I do look forward to spending at least a few years doing real work out in the world after graduating. That and starting a family, but you already knew that.

I have no regrets about the six years following my undergrad that I spent answering office telephones by day and touring small remote islands with obscure bands on the side. That said, had I any idea then how satisfying grad school could be, I would have made the leap years ago.