There’s an end-of-course paper due tomorrow, but damned if I can tear my eyes away from all the knitting porn that’s on the Internet.

Checkered Cloth

A completely gratuitous picture of my first knitting project. Such a handsome little misshapen dishcloth!

In local knitting news, I made the sexiest misshapen cotton dishcloth of all time, plus two swatches for my first actual garment. It’s bound to be a profanity-filled few weeks as I try to decrease stitches and sew edges together, never mind knitting in a somewhat consistent guage. The end result will hopefully be a hat! All I ask is that if fits somebody when it’s done.

The yarn for this hat project cost me about $20 –  a little more than what a comparable hat would cost in a store. That’s fine for hats, but I shudder to think what it would cost to buy enough wool to make a whole sweater. But! I had a revelation that totally fills me with inspiration: You can recycle crappy old thrift-store sweaters into beautiful works of art! Like this! And this!

I get such a kick out of reusing something old and useless, especially when it can be made beautiful. Z hates it when I show up at home all excited with some fleabitten piece of furniture bungeed to the back of my bicycle, because it just needs a good sanding! and some paint! And I know we don’t need it, but it was about to get rained on and look how pretty it could be.

So yeah.  Just wait until I don’t suck at knitting any more.  And develop the ability to identify yarn weights and compositions. Thrift store sweaters, I will be coming to reincarnate you! Into hats, and slippers, and… dishcloths.