I’ve been out of town a bunch lately, neglecting this blog alongside critical matters like work and school… but having lots of fun, and storing up thoughts to blog about.

On a superficial level, the last two weekend trips were memorable because I made them on the back of Z’s motorbike!  Until two weekends ago, the furthest I’d ever gone on the motorbike was across town when he drove me to school.

Due to poor planning, we found ourselves on the day we were to leave home for a family wedding in the situation of realizing that we might not be able to make it to our destination in a car. This probably sounds insane unless you are familiar with the coastal ferry system. The ferries get really full and busy in the summertime. That day there was such a long line-up already that we might not have been able to get on a boat, even after hours of waiting…

Unless, Z pointed out apologetically, I was willing to brave the few hours’ trip on his sport bike. Motorbikes (and petal bikes) hardly take up any room on board the ferries, so they go straight to the front of the line. I grumbled and freaked out a little bit about whether it was safe to carry all the fancy clothes and stuff we needed to take for the wedding on my back… then agreed. We quickly repacked our suitcase into two little knapsacks, and off we went.

My butt was sore and it rained a little, but we had such an amazing time! Even the sore butt thing was kind of an opportunity, as it made us stop for juice and stretching at many small-town corner stores. Not being able to take our laptops on holiday forced us both to quit working and have fun.

Water Lily

A water lily in a warm and glassy-calm lake up the coast. There were little green frogs too, sitting on the lily-pads, but they were always long gone before I got close in the borrowed kayak.

Then, last weekend we took the motorbike again up the coast to visit more  members of Z’s family, and we had another amazing time. My knitting fits very nicely into the tiny backpack, along with a few clothes, some sunscreen, a good book and an iPod. What else do you need on vacation?