My “little” cousin Scooter and his girlfriend brought their little boy baby J into the world last night. I wish I could drop every piece of this schoolwork crap and get on the first plane out there to live on their couch and hold the baby. Probably best for everyone involved that isn’t possible.

Holy crap I sometimes wish we all lived in the same city though. Enough to drag Z to live in my old car-dependent prairie town? Maybe not, although wouldn’t it be hilarious if that’s where a job came up for me. Ha ha!

I wish those kids every blessing. The parents are 23 and 24, and while they’re not teenagers, they’re not exactly an old married couple either – they had only been dating a few months when that baby happened along. It won’t be easy, but they have lots of good friends and two great families. my cousin is plenty smart although not a great communicator. (What, we’re related?)

I suspect that as far as parenting goes, some aspects (like the no-sleep thing) are easier for younger parents, and other parts (like financial stability, and maybe a steadfast co-parenting relationship) are a little easier to handle when the babie(s) came along later.

They will be in my thoughts. I love that baby already!