Hoo boy, did school ever start up again and bury me beneath a pile of reading. If all goes well (and I get a topic sorted out SOON for my final project) this will be the last September of this degree.

I spent last week out of town spending my university’s teeny little travel stipend (and more) attending the national conference of my field’s professional association. That was a good experience, overall, and I am simultaneously excited and paranoid about the future.

As I fretted to Z last night, it really seems that these professional ladies tend to have their kids later in life, and to work for five or so years first. Those early years are so critical for getting established, learning the ropes, getting some responsibility. In some ways it makes me want to rethink the plan to have kids as soon as reasonable upon getting a job. On the other hand, Z is turning 35 this year, I am turning 30 in the spring, and my parents are in their 70s.

The next year or two, especially once this sweet and stressful little limbo of school is over, is going to be so very interesting. I wish I had a psychic or guru of some kind to help me decide what is most important in all the precious considerations I will have to balance. My career, the value my work (hopefully) will bring to others, our unborn kid/s, Z and his desire not to move to anywhere other than our three preferred locations for my work, my aging parents and their desire to get as much of my attention as possible, and locally.