Inspired by Lag Liv’s post, here’s my whirlwind story of the aughts:

10 years ago, I was 19. I had a passion for altered states of consciousness and still hadn’t quite worked out a relationship with alcohol.
I lived in a dorm apartment with one good friend (my R!) and four irritating sorority girls who partied constantly.

I believe R and I spent New Year’s 2000 high as balls at a black-light party in a dark basement. I got ahold of the turntables and played Darube’s Sandstorm record over and over again.

Over the next two years, my relationship with a hard-drinking existentialist slowly fell apart. I graduated from the English literature program at UBC with an esoteric thesis about lesbian motherhood nature imagery, or something.

I spent a year living in Montreal smoking lots of marijuana with an apartment full of boys. I spent another year in Vancouver working as a receptionist and smoking lots of marijuana. My roommate was a crazy shy girl who gave free massages to all my friends, then joined a creepy alien cult. I had my heart broken, repeatedly, by an acidhead Jesus character and wrote lots of songs about this.

I booked a ticket to spend a year in Europe to enjoy many hikes, adventures and strange meals with three great friends. While I was there, another friend posted a mock ad in her blog advertising for a girlfriend for her buddy Z. I half-decided to apply when I got home.

Z and I started dating in 2004. He was gentle and kind, and slowly won my trust and love. I think I’ll keep him.

I got serious about playing music, started teaching music and joined two bands. The best band broke up after our second album due to babies and generally moving on. During all this time, I worked shitty horrible office jobs for four years before working up the courage to apply for grad school.

I spent New Years 2010 with the same group of friends and potentially some of the very same people as New Years 2000. This year, there were multiple babies in attendance and we sat around perfectly sober playing hearts until midnight, then went home to our beds. Over the last decade, these folks have become family, and there is about 95% less angst in my life then there was ten years ago.

May the next ten years bring as much learning, and as many blessings!