Good friends L and M announced their pregnancy today. They tried for a year and a half before getting some medical help, and then got pregnant right away.

We already have a gift for their baby, a sweet little book which I ordered online for really cheap a few months back. I ordered a copy for us too, but hoped they’d get theirs first. And so they will.

Next summer, I’m lined up to play a small music festival with a band of friends of friends. Some of their music is soul-healing stuff, often with a serious overtone of Greenwich Village circa 1958. One of the songs is a gift from a parent to her child, with lyrics about the importance of friendship, and how it’s OK to love whoever you want to when you are older.  I told a friend about this song at a birthday party tonight, and we both got all verklempt.

“If you give to your friends the best part of yourself, they’ll give the same back to you”