Perhaps because I have an unhealthy obsession with making lists, I’ve started a new page of baby gear “necessities” and recommendations to organize my thoughts.

While the stuff on that list does sound quite useful, I know that very little is actually necessary.

Case in point: When my mom had me, she had a lot of pregnancy complications and it was very uncertain how healthy I would turn out to be, or whether I’d even be viable. Under those circumstances, she felt like buying baby stuff would be a jinx, so she bought NOTHING AT ALL for the new baby. (In those days I guess they let infants leave the hospital without a carseat. Hell, they probably let you chain smoke in Labour and Delivery.) So on the way home from the hospital, mom stopped at the Army and Navy to pick up diapers and a few sleepers. And that was it. I drank breastmilk, slept in a kitchen drawer with a towel in the bottom, was bathed in the sink, and still managed to grow up completely spoiled. Babies don’t need much besides love and attention, although the shops would have us think otherwise.

And, apropos of nothing, here is a link I came upon when researching cosleeping arrangements… Cosleeping systems for pets.

Just when you thought there was nothing surprising left on the Internet.