Wow, I suck at this blogging thing. I blame my house.

The little 85-year-old house we recently moved into is completely charming, and also kind of falling apart. You know the type. We’ve just finished paying for some emergency plumbing repairs and asbestos removal in the attic, and the next little while will be all about fun stuff like insulation and possibly removing the cracked chimney. Which runs directly through the middle of the entire house. It’s going to be a blast.

The ever-growing fetus lends a sense of urgency to the house-fixing proceedings. Our goal is that by December, all the changes involving power tools and plaster dust will be over with, and we’ll be at the fun (?) part of crib assembly and washing and sorting secondhand baby clothes.

Recent developments in pregnant-lady land are as follows:

  • My pregnancy is finally public knowledge at work. Thank the Goddess. I wore a golf shirt to the office this morning and found it very liberating after 2 entire months of baggy shirts, shawls and sweaters in summer.
  • Today was my first prenatal yoga class at the neighbourhood community centre. I have been so physically exhausted lately that I was worried that an entire hour and a half of deliberate movement would be torture. But it was great. Yoga kicks ass, and it’s great to now have some pregnancy-approved moves to try at home when my back gets sore and needs a stretch.
  • All the ladies in my online due-date community are feeling fetus pokes and flips, but I haven’t felt anything definitive yet. I do feel lots of very odd sensations in the belly region though. Some of these are almost certainly fetus aerobics, while others are probably less interesting sources like stretching muscles. I look forward to being able to discern which are which.

That’s about all the news for today. I just made some delicious-looking granola and it’s time to eat some. So here, have a belly picture!

This is from 16 weeks (a week and a half ago, ahem) but I have rationalized my laziness by deciding that this series, with me in the same clothes all the time, is a monthly series, so the next picture isn’t due until 20 weeks or so.

I’ll write before then, but it might be about insulation.