Yeah, this is not the biggest issue on my mind. In fact it’s completely unimportant. But here are some thoughts about registries anyways.

I’ve never made a registry. It feels like asking for a lot of expensive presents, which it is, and which in most contexts is rude. But on the other hand, a few people (mostly older relatives) want to buy us baby stuff. If we don’t make a registry and everyone gets us the same thing, or gets us stuff we already have or don’t want, then whose fault would that be?

So. Maybe I should make a damn registry. We need to buy ourselves some stuff like bottles and crib sheets anyways, and a registry might be a fine (if seriously overengineered) way to organize that.

Fat orange cats make everything better.

The site is good because it lets you pick stuff from any store, but bad because it makes your guests enter in an email address before they can see your list. (assholes). I’m thinking of trying to use them anyways, then figure out a way to print the damn list to give to non-computer-using older relatives.

Alphamom has a comprehensive list of stuff we will likely need here.

While poking around at registries, here is a hot tip I found for registering for non-toxic stuff. When selecting bedding, avoid anything claiming to be:

Permanent press
Water repellent or water-proofed
California TB 117

Thank heaven for all the awesome friends who have given and lent us their hand-me-downs, otherwise getting baby stuff together could be pretty overwhelming.