At the moment, baby J is 3 weeks old and getting plumper. He weighed a full 10 pounds at his appointment on Wednesday. Life with baby is characterized by a lot of doing things with one hand, and a lot of sitting on the couch under a pile of pillows breastfeeding. Oh, and laundry.

What can you say about someone who is super cute but doesn’t have control of his limbs or make social facial expressions?

I’m trying to enjoy the current stage of baby J at 3 weeks.  This time does have some very sweet aspects:

  • When J wakes up from a nice long sleep, or a nice long drink at the boob, he does this adorable half-smile and full-body stretch with his short little arms up around his face. I’ll have to try and get a picture of this, because it is charming and, I’m sure, fleeting.
  • When he’s swaddled up at night, J looks like a glowworm with a tiny little body and a giant pair of eyes. I need to get a picture of this too! He’s pretty awesome at night so far, mostly just waking up to eat and get his diaper changed, with the exception of between the hours of about 5-7am, which he spends bitterly complaining about something and then going back to sleep for another few hours.
  • J doesn’t scream much, although when he does, it’s good and loud. Most of his problems seem to be related to pooping and farting, which I guess are stressful if you are just getting used to your brand new operating digestive system. The Happiest Baby on the Block has a chart showing that babies’ time spent crying every day generally peaks at 6 weeks. I fear and dread this ominous future time.
  • J digs noise, and lets me wear him around the house while vacuuming. Other household chores that involve too many arm movements, such as doing dishes, or too much bending over, such as laundry, are less popular. We spend every night listening to a looped recording of a thunderstorm, and he threatens to wake up every time it gets to the quieter part at the end of the loop.

Baby's waking-up stretching sequence looks a little bit like this, but is cuter in motion.

All these charming features aside, some changes are already happening, and we are looking forward to others.

  • He’s already growing out of his damn clothes.
  • J’s already starting to be curious about what’s around him, and gets cranky if he’s awake in the carrier but can’t see out. Even compared to a week ago, he spends a lot less time contentedly eating, and more time thrashing around trying to look around while he eats
  • I know it’s going to be a long time coming, but I am looking forward to him talking and telling us what he’s thinking about. Right now, it’s pretty much sure to be either eating or pooping, so we’re probably not missing much at the moment.

While I know increased awareness of the world around him will cramp my chronic iPhone use and evening TV watching, it’s going to be a lot of fun to have a baby who can smile back at us and get interested in toys, music, and other things that aren’t boobs.