Apparently, a baby is coming to live with us in the next 6 months or so. Apparently they have fairly specialized needs. This page is a place for me to park some links to good information about stuff that’s handy to have when looking after babies.

The fun Girl’s Gone Child blog published a ridiiculously expensive but super cute baby gear inspiration post. It would not have even occurred to me that I would need an infant dishawasher basket and bottle drying rack, but those things both sound useful.Also, I definitely want one of those bouncer things, but am not, no way, paying $180 for one. Craigslist, here we come.

Therefore, on the practical side, here’s a list of stuff babies apparently need (thanks to an experienced mom on my online due date community!), and which stuff we already have.


We will be using a diaper service, and already have a few secondhand cloth diapers in tiny sizes.

We still need wipes. Lots and lots of wipes, and a storage/laundry system for them.

Somewhere for the baby to sleep:

Friends have offered us their old First Years Safe and Secure Sleeper, which is probably a good choice for co-sleeping in the early months, since our bedroom is too tiny for a bedside co-sleeper. It fits up to 4 months or so. I’d also like to have a crib ready to go in the baby’s room for the moment that he or she outgrows this sleeper or is otherwise ready to get kicked out of our bed.

Baby Food

I already have boobs, plus a manual breast pump on loan from a friend. It came with a few plastic bottles.

We need milk storage bags, and could probably use a few more bottles as well. I’d prefer glass bottles, with low-flow preemie nipples (which apparently help babies learn to drink from a bottle without losing appreciation for the boob).

Baby Hangouts

We need at least one sling or carrier. Friends swear by the Baby Buddah. I’d like to borrow one, and borrow a friend’s baby and make sure that the Baby Buddah is appropriately sized and comfortable for my husband. I want him to have a sling he’s comfortable carrying the baby around in, so we can share hauling duties!

A bouncy seat and/or swing also sound handy. I’m inclined to get a bouncy seat right away, and hold out on getting a swing until we can actually try one on the kid. I’ve heard that some babies like swings and others don’t. But if a swing helps a fussy baby to sleep, the kid shall have one, expense and scarce floor space be damned.


Friends gave us a well-loved yet still awesome stroller. The website claims that it can also work for newborns with the addition of a travel system or special insert. We still need to figure this out, and give it a good scrubbing to boot.

Carseat: Ugh. I am intimidated by carseats, but every baby needs one. Finding a carseat is my husband’s job. I will take the baby for bus rides.

Bike trailer: It’s not for use until the baby is at least 6 months, so I will refrain from buying one of these until I’m ready to start using it. But these convertible bike trailers/ jogging strollers look like somewhat heavy liberation from cars and busses, and depending on where we can find a daycare space, may be the perfect mode of kid-hauling for me.

Baby Clothes:

We don’t have any hand-me-down clothing yet, but I am sure it is coming. If we have a girl, we will be completely set for newborn stuff because Z’s cousin is having twin girls six months ahead of us!

More Accessories:

– changing station at home

– diaper bag, wet bag and portable changing pad

– nursing cover: do I really need one? All our friends are already very comfortable with open nursing, thank goodness, but our older relatives probably aren’t.

– Crib sheets (Apparently, we should get about 4 and layer them with waterproof pads for nighttime bed changes)

– burp cloths

– nursing pillow (boppy, breast friend?)

– rocking chair or glider

– high chair (We already have a very well-loved one that was a gift from a neighbour, but it definitely has cooties. It might be worth replacing, or at least bleaching.)

– Training cups and spoons, etc. for 6 months+

Whew, that’s a lot of baby stuff, but we have a surprising amount already. Thank goodness for hand-me-downs!