Hi Internet!

I disappeared for a few weeks there. Sorry about that!

What happened was that Z and I sold our apartment and bought a sweet little old house! As a matter of personal philosophy, I absolutely do not believe that kids need to grow up in houses. Many kids grow up very happy in apartments. But for us, it is time to leave this particular apartment, and we just happened to find a place that really appealed to us, and now we are moving at the end of the month, just in time to do some nesting and plan a nursery. So it’s been busy, and awesome.

On the pregnancy front, so far so good. I have been more tired than usual, and felt like crap here and there, but haven’t been incapacitated in the way that many ladies have been during their first trimesters. Thank you, pregnancy goddess and Diclectin for my good fortune.

Also I feel enormous. At 9 weeks, I know that it’s a gas baby and not an actual giant fetus filling out my belly, but I’m taking the bus across town after work tomorrow evening all the same to look at some maternity pants for sale on Craigslist, because I’m tired of unbuttoning my pants at work.

Week 4 and Week 9

I will leave you with a belly shot, of my dear little gas baby.  Maybe it will go away until a more reasonable time, like the second trimester, and I can wear my normal pants to work again!