Hey there Earth. You’re all fired up and spinning along hotly, but I need you to chill out for just a few months if you could.

You see, I have a fucking job interview next week. I am actually a little worried they might hire me. I’m not really done my masters degree yet, and all the professors like to warn us not to take jobs before we have finished our thesis because otherwise it’s all doom and pain and anxiety. Sometimes people take more than 5 years to finish and then the program kicks them out with no degree. I once knew a guy who accepted a job before he had finished his thesis and it took him another year to finish, and he was so stressed out that he ended up in the hospital for two weeks with a rare and serious blood infection. zOMG, internet.

On the other hand, this rare, humble and temporary job is with my target employer, and I’d be mad not to want it. It’s why I applied, even though I’m not really ready to start work. The grand plan is that they will hire me for this short posting and then the economy will improve a little bit and they will be hiring people again, and find a permanent job for me, and then I can work there forever and then go on mat leave.

Of course they probably won’t hire me. I bet tons of amazing people applied for that job and they all have better interview skills than me. And they won’t try to negotiate flex time for working on a thesis. I’ll do my best by freaking out between now and the interview.

OMG internet, I could be a working woman soon.