Even in my ecofeminist literary criticism days, I never quite came out about how much masculine sexual imagery around information distribution drives me insane. Maybe that seems a little crazy.

But let me say now, for the record, in this relatively anonymous blog, that the word “seminal” makes my head hurt. I try to avoid using it and wish there was a womanly or gender-neutral version. You can try to use “fertile” to convey a similar idea, but it’s not quite the same.

Also? The word disseminate. I just had to use the word “disseminator” in an academic paper and now there is sperm, sperm, sperm everywhere, all over my theoretical argument. Ew!

Edited to add – yes, those words etymologically refer to seed, not specifically to semen. The real problem here is the etymology of semen, which comes right out of the worldview that all-powerful dudes plant their man-seeds in women whose wombs are basically garden plots for human growing.

But the word “seminal” still makes me squick.