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Thoughts on the eve of Solstice

Z and I are holed up at his parents’ extremely peaceful house in a small town by the Pacific ocean. As we left home this morning, our dear friends and neighbours S&D are getting ready to have their first baby. This has not been an easy road for them, and I am so excited for them. D is a fucking goddess and, coming on a week “overdue” I haven’t heard a word of complaint pass her lips. She’s going to be a spectacular mama. They were taking bets on when the baby would come, and my bet has been that it’s a girl who is coming today (by the clock… it’s after midnight), on the Winter Solstice. In any case, I’m excited to meet this new little addition to the extended family that is our circle of friends. I hope this little one arrives in thriving good health, and inherits her/his dad’s amazing intelligence with his/her mom’s serene optimism. I hope D has a short and “easy” labour. I hope we get to be involved in this little one’s life, and feel blessed to have the parenting examples of such wise people and good friends.

Meditation topics for the solstice:
– Let go of what was bad about the past year.
– Celebrate what was good about the past year.
– Set a direction for the new year ahead.


Welcome little second cousin!

My “little” cousin Scooter and his girlfriend brought their little boy baby J into the world last night. I wish I could drop every piece of this schoolwork crap and get on the first plane out there to live on their couch and hold the baby. Probably best for everyone involved that isn’t possible.

Holy crap I sometimes wish we all lived in the same city though. Enough to drag Z to live in my old car-dependent prairie town? Maybe not, although wouldn’t it be hilarious if that’s where a job came up for me. Ha ha!

I wish those kids every blessing. The parents are 23 and 24, and while they’re not teenagers, they’re not exactly an old married couple either – they had only been dating a few months when that baby happened along. It won’t be easy, but they have lots of good friends and two great families. my cousin is plenty smart although not a great communicator. (What, we’re related?)

I suspect that as far as parenting goes, some aspects (like the no-sleep thing) are easier for younger parents, and other parts (like financial stability, and maybe a steadfast co-parenting relationship) are a little easier to handle when the babie(s) came along later.

They will be in my thoughts. I love that baby already!

On photographing people

As a favour to my aunt, I took a billion – well, 60-odd – photos of her 50th wedding anniversary party in E-town. The hope was that enough photos of her friends and loved ones would turn out that I could make her a little album.

A rare photo from my aunt & uncle's 50th anniversary party with no pesky people in it.

A rare photo from my aunt & uncle's 50th anniversary party with no pesky people in it.

I love taking pictures… of architecture. A building doesn’t get anxious when it is the subject of a series of portraits, each with a slightly different angle. Architecture tends to be found outdoors, where it is lit by the sun instead of crappy fluorescents or spot lights. It doesn’t close its eyes or make surprising faces, and it certainly doesn’t feel obliged to engage you in polite conversation.

Editing these pictures after the fact is a lesson in humility. Some are sweet, but many folks looks pretty uncomfortable while they wait for me to take their damn picture.

I would love to be competent at taking portraits one day. The role of family archivist naturally falls to me, both in my extended family and with Z, and it would be nice if our archives didn’t suck. Clearly, I need someone to practice on. Maybe visiting friends this summer will sit still for me.

At least, the next time I take pictures of people at an indoor event, I will beware the ceiling. It is not flattering when the photo angle frames an old lady’s head between the air vents and sprinklers.