Can I just say how good it is going to feel to be out of school and earning an income again?

I’ve been employed part-time at a research job which I do not enjoy and which is not in an area of my interest. It pays pretty well but makes demands on my time which I can’t fill. After lots and lots of consideration I have decided to give my notice tomorrow, which will hopefully enable my employers to find someone new at the start of the school year.

Reclaiming those few hours a week will hopefully enable me to move towards graduation faster. It’s also going to mean I contribute even less money than I do now towards my own care and feeding and general household expenses.

Z is very kind about supporting me right now, and just wants to help me get through school as quickly as possible. I appreciate this attitude a lot, but can’t help feeling like a liability. I needed a computer this year, and clothes… I find myself leaving more financial decisions up to him, since he earned the money. In reality, we should be in dialogue about expenses and budgets, since we share our lives.

About a year from now, with any luck, I will be on my way to some kind of reliable income. We’ll be able to start actually saving money and even donating to charity, Z won’t bear the entire weight of all our expenses, and I am going to make a budget….

Wow, I am excited about budgeting. That must mean that I am procrastinating from finishing up the last of my research job before giving my notice – tomorrow!