Unbelievable! I am on a weekend out of town with my true love and some friends and NO homework. I didn’t even bring my laptop, although my ability to brag about this might be somewhat diminished by the fact that we have Z’s laptop.

But anyways!

Something I’ve been looking forward to since being buried in the solitary caverns of grad school is DOING NEW STUFF. Like setting goals other than “forsake all other activities and social interaction until completing thesis.” Here are some of those goals:

– Socialize more with my awesome friends and their kids
– Start going to music jams again
– Organize our wedding for the spring of 2011
– Cook more
– Make a household budget of earnings, savings, expenses and donations
– Do some activism out in the real planet or community

The socializing and music tasks are underway. (Behold: on vacation with a tribe of about a dozen – it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I am so thankful for these people!)

When we get home, the next step is to announce our engagement to my parents. In person. With both of us present. Yikes.