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Officially Springtime

It’s officially springtime.

Z came back to town after two weeks away and we had a little honeymoon for a day on Saturday, which was lovely. Life is back to a fragile sort of normal.

My job interview last week seemed to go tolerably well and I am waiting uneasily for the decision while procrastinating mightily.

I made a pan of kind of gross fruit brownies. I guess they’ll get eaten but they don’t taste like being held down and beaten with a 100-lb bag of chocolate, which is more like what I’d been hoping for.

Resume Updating

It’s hard to believe I’m at that point in my program when it’s time to polish up/ completely reinvent the old resume and put myself back on the job market.

Reviewing my old job descriptions is reminding me, guiltily, of the lack of enthusiasm I brought to some of my old jobs. They did not spark my fire, which is why I went back to school for a masters’ in something I cared about.

Whatever job I am lucky enough to find after graduation is going to be an opportunity for me to prove to myself that if I care about something I can do a good job. Not just a good job from a supervisor’s perspective, but my own best.