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Official Fetus is (Almost) Official

Since I promised Z we could make this pregnancy public after the 12-week mark, the last few days have been a blur of announcements. My best friends and closest cousin now know the news, as do a few good friends.

We’ll tell the rest of our friends as we see them, and I am reluctantly resigned to making the announcement to my parents next time we see them. They will be excited, but my mom is a professional worrier, and my hitherto peaceful existence will be shattered. I wish we could wait until my next midwife appointment at 14 weeks, until we’ve heard a heartbeat again, but the parents are definitely starting to suspect, and I’m looking kind of fat, so here we are.

We spent the weekend in Z’s home town visiting his whole clan and telling them the news. His parents were so excited, and every time we turn around there was another set of aunties or uncles congratulating us. The first morning we woke up there, after a leisurely sleep-in, we discovered that Z’s auntie had been sitting in the living room since 7am waiting for us to get up so she could squee with us.

I also received the first of many non-consentual belly rubs. I’m not a particularly cuddly person at the best of times, but the belly rubs feel especially awkward since:

1) I don’t really have a belly yet
2) My uterus is still way down by my pelvic bone, so people are just jiggling my stomach and kidneys while cooing.

Many of Z’s cousins have young kids or are expecting, so next summer there are going to be a lot of babies up here to visit. That’s pretty cool. We have small immediate families, especially in the city, so I really hope that we can build the kind of community where this kid has a bunch of relations and honourary uncles, aunties, cousins and second cousins to grow up with.

After 2.5 months of having this pregnancy just be our little secret (and me trying not to get excited because anything could still happen) now that other people are all talking about it, the reality is starting to sink in that there is almost certainly going to be a little baby coming to live with us next February. It’s official!

Z & I haven’t told our coworkers either. I am hoping that everyone in the office politely refrains from asking me about my little belly until I am ready to formally announce! After the 14-week midwife appointment, I’ll tell my boss, and then the fetus will be officially offical. And then I’ll be able to stop wearing these baggy shirts all the time, and start accumulating baby stuff!


Internet, you won’t believe this. I can’t believe it either, so I will ramble on some.

I woke up at 7:15 this morning fiercely needing to pee, but forced myself to lay in bed for another 15 minutes because I couldn’t decide whether to take a pregnancy test right away, as I had originally planned, or whether to wait until tomorrow like a sensible person. (For those who are not connoisseurs, pregnancy tests prefer early morning pee so this decision must be made upon arising. Early morning pee is more concentrated. Or something)

Finally, I decided to pee on the damn stick.

It wasn’t even ambiguous. It was a big fat plus sign. In a way I wasn’t surprised, since I had suspected, but nonetheless I was completely bowled over. Holy shit.

Test # 1 - June 9, 7:15AM

Z made it clear early in our relationship that he is to be woken up before his alarm on pain of death, but I braved death anyways and woke him up. I wanted him to know right away. He was calm about it, as about everything. How can he not freak out about shit like this? It’s probably one of the reasons we balance each other well. We had a few cuddles before I went to work. To absolutely not focus on work!

Test #2 - June 9, 6:30pm

I still can’t believe it, even though it now feels like I’ve been pregnant for weeks because today has felt 1,000 hours long. The ages that made up today were punctuated by the following symptoms:

  • weird uterine cramps (which were my main cause for suspicion before the test too)
  • constipation (oh man!)
  • extra saliva (ew!)
  • foggy brain (maybe just due to extreme distraction!)

As the list indicates, pregnancy is already kind of gross and i haven’t even reached the barfing stage yet. (Internet, I am really, really dreading the barfing stage. Really. I feel like I have a big clock sitting on my chest counting down to misery and incapacitation, and I’m staring at a to-do list I won’t be able to get done. Anxiety much? Trying to chill.) All the pregnancy stuff says my boobs should be super sore but they aren’t. Neither does my sense of smell seem off.

On the awesome side, I called up my neighbourhood midwifery clinic, who have helped two of my friends deliver their babies, and signed up. The receptionist laughed at my last menstrual period date: “Is the stick still wet?” I’m really exited to use midwifery care, and Z and I will have our first appointment on Bastille day – when I’ll be 8-9 weeks and probably miserable.

For now, the “baby” is the size of a poppy seed and I’m trying to focus. This happened so fast. We’re delighted and a little overwhelmed. Yay! Eeek!

The other side

Here we are, in the new year! Things got too crazy to post for a few months, but we had quite a civilized little wedding (thank you, family). Then, last week, I started my new job!  The job, unlike the husband, is still too new and unfamiliar for me to have a clear sense of, but I do intend to make the very best of it, and keep it for a good long time if I can.

Some resolutions for 2011, from my Evernote file:

  • Be on time for stuff
  • No complaining about being busy
  • Make time for friends
  • Stop feeling guilty

So far, I’ve been doing pretty well on all except maybe #4. I need to work harder at #3.

In 2011, in addition to the above we look forward to:

  • going on a honeymoon!
  • settling down in my job and developing expertise (i.e. getting good at it)
  • having a wedding reception, about 9 months after the wedding
  • eating better
  • visiting my family on the prairies
  • trying to conceive our first child
  • dwelling-hunting

Here’s to new beginnings, and to long slow patient happinesses.