Z and I are holed up at his parents’ extremely peaceful house in a small town by the Pacific ocean. As we left home this morning, our dear friends and neighbours S&D are getting ready to have their first baby. This has not been an easy road for them, and I am so excited for them. D is a fucking goddess and, coming on a week “overdue” I haven’t heard a word of complaint pass her lips. She’s going to be a spectacular mama. They were taking bets on when the baby would come, and my bet has been that it’s a girl who is coming today (by the clock… it’s after midnight), on the Winter Solstice. In any case, I’m excited to meet this new little addition to the extended family that is our circle of friends. I hope this little one arrives in thriving good health, and inherits her/his dad’s amazing intelligence with his/her mom’s serene optimism. I hope D has a short and “easy” labour. I hope we get to be involved in this little one’s life, and feel blessed to have the parenting examples of such wise people and good friends.

Meditation topics for the solstice:
– Let go of what was bad about the past year.
– Celebrate what was good about the past year.
– Set a direction for the new year ahead.