I’m really more of an herbivore. Food that can’t run away is for me. But I have started looking for jobs, and yuck. It’s totally this game of strategy, me showing some of my cards but not others, and also weighing the inconvenience of potential start dates against the desirability of the workplace and…

I’m currently drafting an email expressing cautious interest in employment in an environment I was already cautioned against, which is also one hour and 38 minutes away from my apartment by bus.

by D Sharon Pruitt

Yeck. That’s just preposterous. And yet… will there be a better option? Would it actually be better to move away altogether, uproot Z and leave my parents and our friends for a better job somewhere else? Feck, I dunno.

Watch me figure it out though. I’ve got another 2-week “home retreat” coming up with Z going out of town for work and me with plenty of shit to sort out.